Below are the results of our public engagement surveys sent out over the years. 

Results from November 2022 - 

Community Feedback October-November 2022

Results from March 2022 - 

Approval of proposed amenities at each park.

Westridge: Shade structure on concrete pad, picnic tables with canopy, free standing equipment in sand, relocating rotating wheel, and relocate baby swings

Wolf Willow: Shade structure on concrete pad, additional picnic tables, free standing equipment ,and large play structure 

Community Engagement March 2022

Survey Results from Summer of 2020 - Helped to guide decisions and planning.  

The goal is to offer valuable additions to each site, based on residents' expressed preferences and within a reasonable budget around $250,000 per site. The top desired amenities are 1) shade shelter, 2) tables/benches with shade, and 3) more play equipment. Other additions explored, but outside of the scope of this project include: 

Adult Fitness Equipment 

Splash Pad 

Splash Park 

Rubber Surfacing 

These items are unachievable due to the expense, noted above, and/or were considered unnecessary due to nearby neighbourhood facilities. 

Playground Survey Results.pdf