Enhance each park with elements that offer more space to socialize; more opportunities to challenge motorskills and play; and offer more reasons to be active and come together

Wolf Willow/Oleskiw Park

  • Budget $279,553

  • Concrete pad and shade shelter with 4 tables

  • Expansion of the NW corner to allow space for a play structure for older kids

  • Addition of large play structure

  • Possible addition of free standing equipment in open spaces

  • Addition of benches and trees

Westridge Park

  • Budget $261,088

  • Concrete pad and shade structure with 3 tables

  • Addition of large play structure in the area opened by relocating the baby swings and spinner

  • Addition of play equipment in the sand

  • Addition of benches and canopy picnic table, including a center tree island with benches

Survey Results from Summer of 2020 - Helped to guide decisions and planning.

The goal is to offer valuable additions to each site, based on residents' expressed preferences and within a reasonable budget around $250,000 per site. The top desired amenities are 1) shade shelter, 2) tables/benches with shade, and 3) more play equipment. Other additions explored, but outside of the scope of this project include:

Bike Pump Track ($55,000)

Adult Fitness Equipment ($50,000)

Splash Pad ($100,000)

Splash Park ($750,000)

Rubber Surfacing ($200,000)

These items are unachievable due to the expense, noted above, and/or were considered unnecessary due to nearby neighbourhood facilities.

Playground Survey Results.pdf

Timeline & Steps

What we've done:

  • Proposed idea February 2020 AGM

  • Committee Established May 2020

  • Community Survey July & Aug 2020

  • Information Session at Craft Markets Oct & Nov 2020

  • Business Case Submitted to City December 2020

  • CoE Project Manager Assigned March 2021

  • On Site Evaluation with CoE April 2021

What are the next steps:

  • CoE and Park Committee Draft Preliminary Concept Drawings Summer 2021

  • Community Survey for Concept Feedback

  • Concept Drawings Finalized - working with the CoE landscape architect to create a detailed site development plan and update project budget.

  • Site amenities procurement: request for proposal sent to approved vendors

  • Evaluation of proposals and construction drawings

  • Fundraising and grant writer is on going

  • Main Fundraising Campaign to residents and local businesses September 2022

  • Build Phase - construction contractor procurement (by CoE) and construction commences


  • All funding raised by December 2022 = Full Project begins Spring 2023