Since May 2020, your Westridge-Wolf Willow-Country Club Community has been working on rejuvenating our two playgrounds with seating, shade, and additional play equipment for accessibility and more diverse engagement and age range. After years of fundraising and working with the City of Edmonton, we recently had the misfortune of being unsuccessful with a $125,000 grant that would have gotten our funds raised to nearly 90% of the total funds needed. Due to the delayed grant results announcement we did not have time to raise the remaining funds in time for the City deadline. Thus, the park projects have been pushed to spring/summer 2024. The fate of the projects has just a few options: 1) raise the remaining funds, 2) reduce the project scope within the funds raised, 3) push the project to 2025 ($250,000 NPDP grant will be lost if build is not complete by 2025), or 4) cancel the project and refund donations.

The Park Rejuvenation Committee is committed to seeing this project come to fruition as we believe strongly in the importance of enhancing our neighbourhood by providing a sun-safe, fun, and engaging outdoor play space for our residents and all Edmontonians. We are COMMITTED to building in 2024 and the other three solutions simply are not an option! Therefore, we need to raise the remaining funds before the end of June, 2023 in order to get a guaranteed build in 2024 with the best vendor price and equipment availability. Below is a brief summary of the current fundraising and budget:

While we have applied for the next $125,000 CFEP grant round, we are charging ahead as if we will not receive this funding. So, today, we are reaching out to you, as a resident, business owner or employee to see if you will support this project. Here are the ways you, your business, or your employer can help ensure these playground projects get completed:

Fundraising Plan

The committee has worked closely with our CoE team and a professional grant writer to develop our fundraising plan. Since the project has commenced, we've been running bottle drives and various small fundraisers, as well as received donations. To raise the $500,000 needed we hope to be successful at: 

 We received the $250,000 Neighbourhood Park Development Program matching grant

Construction Goal is Summer 2024

Once 100% of funds are raised, the project will go to tender for playground companies to provide detailed designs and equipment options. For the project to build in Summer 2024, all funds must be raised by end of June 2023.  

Here are our most recent fundraisers:

Here are some updates from our most recent fundraising:

$1375 from our Flower Basket

$1150 from Skipthedepot Jan-Apr

$3370 50/50 cash raffle

$855 from Popowich Gift Card Sales

$246 Little Ceasers Pizza Kits

$12,576 from 50/50 ran at Canadian Brewhouse's 

$2500 in private donations

Spring Hanging Flowers

Scotch & Wine Raffle

Virtual Silent Auction

Pizza Fundraiser

Popowich Gift Card 

DIY Tree Kit

FlipGive Online Shopping

50/50 Raffle

Popowich Gift Card